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Custom Signs To Boost Visibility & Brand Recognition

Prairie Signs is the largest sign installation company in Central Illinois, providing custom signs for businesses, hospitals, and much more. We have metal signs, outdoor signage, directional signs, wayfinding signs, and even vehicle wraps. Our custom metal signs are effective for communicating exactly who you are and what you have to offer. 

Metal Signs For Businesses 

We specialize in creating custom metal signs for businesses. Our aluminum signs are extremely durable in high-traffic, wet, and heavy equipment areas. Our aluminum signs are available in three thickness grades: standard .040" gauge for real estate yard signs, medium duty .063" gauge, and heavy-duty .080 gauge" material.

Experts in the advertising, marketing, and retail industries will tell you that you have three seconds to capture the attention of potential customers - how will you do that if you look just like every other business? The human eye is attracted to things that stand out. Custom metal signs for your business will do exactly that.

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Custom Signs For Local Businesses

No matter what you're looking for, Prairie Signs is up to the challenge. Businesses large and small have counted on us for their custom signs - to help generate an effective advertising strategy - and we hope to do the same for your business.

We realize that businesses aren't the only organizations that require custom signs and effective marketing. We also offer custom signs for the following: 

  • Custom signs for churches
  • Custom signs for schools
  • Custom signs for retail companies
  • Custom signs for parking lots
  • Custom door signs, ADA Compliance notices

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Types of Custom Signs

sheraton hotel stone monument with channel letters

There are several types of custom signs, and they all use a wide variety of materials including aluminum, plastic, foam, and PVC signage. Sign lettering can be as straightforward as adhesive vinyl or as eye-grabbing as neon.

Other materials commonly used for lettering include metal, wood, plastic, and foam core. Lettering can also be engraved. While once quite prevalent, paint is now much less common as a lettering medium.

In regards to custom lettering and custom graphics, the backing materials used may include any of the following: plastic, paper, cloth, vinyl, wood, foam core, glass, and aluminum. Mixed substrates are also available.


Types of custom metal signs & banners:

  • Parking lot signs

  • Plastic, wood, aluminum, metal signs

  • Custom metal signs online

  • Door signs

  • Signs made to order

  • Acrylic signs

  • Decorative signs

  • Custom banners

  • Lighted signs

  • Window signs

  • Engraved signs

  • Outdoor signs

  • Lighted signs

  • Neon signs

Custom LED signs and lighted storefront signs:

LED signs offer over 100 colors and shades to choose from, which has been part of the reasons business owners and other individuals have embraced them. LED signs are regularly combined with aluminum signs, which results in the creation of eye-catching boards. Most businesses are quite a fan of custom signs as these are priced reasonably low and therefore easily affordable. Businesses like theatres, pubs, restaurants, hotels, and motels are some of the biggest advocates of LED signs.

For custom signs of all sorts, including lighted or neon signs, we encourage you to choose Prairie Signs. Have questions?

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Tips For Custom Signage: Put Your Best Foot Forward

  • Customer Experience: your signage should both catch the attention of viewers and help them accomplish something.

  • Location, Location, Location: true for both the retail industry and yours.

  • Keep An Eye On Competitors: if your business gets too comfortable, another business could rise to challenge you.

  • Consider Going Digital (Neon, lighted, etc): digital signs have the potential to be especially effective.

  • Experiment with a few looks: work with an expert, and try out a few designs and placements to see what works best.

  • Get To The Point: short and simple is still better.

  • Consistency: craft a message and stick with it.

  • Involve Your Customers: make your message personal.

Custom Signs In Bloomington IL

Prairie Signs has long called the city of Bloomington-Normal home. We are both thrilled and humbled to offer custom signs in the Bloomington area. We encourage you to check out some of the work we've done in this wonderful city.

Custom Signs In Peoria IL

The city of Peoria IL has always been good to us, and we hope to repay the favor. To do this, we hope to provide high-quality, totally custom signs for businesses in Peoria to help them help others.

Custom Signs In Champaign IL

The awesome thing about what we do is that as we provide signs for businesses and other entities, we enable them to better help others. We've provided effective signage for several years, but we always remember our roots. Contact us for custom signs in Champaign IL.

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