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Custom graphics are a unique tactic for advertising and marketing because of their numerous benefits (and low cost). Graphics can be temporary, creatively designed, mobile, and easily remembered.

For your business, you want a company that is well-versed in designing a graphic that communicates the goals and benefits of a business concisely so that passersby will remember what they see. Doing so will increase visibility and name recognition, which will in turn help generate revenue for your business.

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Custom Graphics To Suit Your Business

If you're looking for custom graphics, Prairie Signs is the company to contact. Whatever kind of graphic you're looking for - stickers, decals, types of vinyl, logo design, etc - we're ready and excited for a new project. 

Below, we've compiled a list of benefits that come with custom graphics. If you're on the fence about what you need, or how graphics could provide benefit your company's advertising or marketing plan, we hope to provide some clarity. 

  • Economical advertising that builds your brand: Custom graphics bring little risk and low cost, which gives you more latitude to experiment to see what truly works. Further, while graphics themselves may be more minor and inexpensive, their impact is proportionally comparable to larger forms of advertising. Small but creative graphics can plant a positive image of your brand in the minds of customers, as well as stimulate word of mouth.
  • Advertise special deals and events: Graphics are a convenient and simple way to quickly spread the word about new offers, the latest deals, and added services. They are an excellent addition to advertising in newspapers, flyers, social networking sites, and other forms of media.

  • Save on city permits: When you want to put up a sign or banner, most cities restrict their sizes and/or necessitate the acquisition of a permit. Custom graphics may allow you to avoid restrictions on signage and banners.

  • "Special ingredient": You might find that custom graphics are the missing piece, the special something, that pushes your advertising and marketing campaigns to the next level.


Nestle Frosted Glass Doors with Graphic Logo Cut OutsTips For Designing Professional Graphics

Many of the components of creating compelling graphics are shared with other forms of signage, but we figured we'd compile a list of tips and advice as your business embarks on an advertising campaign with Prairie Signs.

  1. Size matters.  The larger the letters and graphics, the easier they will be to read. With this, you want to get to the point because... 

  2. Less is more. Pick your strongest and most compelling message to share and then support it with consistent messaging. You want your message to be consistent wherever the customer looks, but you do want to...

  3. Create contrast. A sign’s contrast directly impacts its readability and retention. If the background is light, the writing should be dark. In creating that contrast, you should also... 

  4. Consider color. The colors you use are part of your brand message. Use colors that mirror or complement the look and feel of your place of business. Not to beat a dead horse, but... consistency is key.

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Custom Logo Design

Whether you're designing a new logo or figuring out how to include your logo in a new advertising campaign, you want to make sure that your new visual is relevant to your business. Remember, your logo is, in a way, the representative of your company and what you stand for, so this must fit with your intended message as well as resonate with customers.

Keep it simple, stupid. You don't want people to think your logo is gaudy or excessive. Some of the most famous logos in the world are simple in design, which is because a strong campaign and a healthy foundation surround them.

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle wraps, done correctly, can be a massively effective tactic because they are unlike any other form of advertising: they're mobile. Wherever you go in town, your logo goes too. This is a massive opportunity to increase visibility and name recognition. 

From small decal logo stickers to larger full-sized window stickers, vehicle window graphics are a bold and professional way to promote your business. In addition, if you opt for static window clings, you can change or remove that graphic with very little effort if need be (perhaps a promotional ended, or seasons changed). 

Whether you're looking for stickers, types of vinyl, decals, or some other custom design, feel free to contact Prairie Designs to bounce ideas off a wall. 

Vehicle Wrap & Window Graphic Decal Lettering

Floor and Wall Graphics


In addition to graphics, banners are another method to draw attention to specific events, services, or promotions. A bright, sturdy promotional banner hanging above your front door will give your customers a reason to come back for your special event.

You can also use banners to announce new products or services. You don't want to put a ton of time and energy into a business idea only for it to fizzle out due to a lack of exposure.

Banners are easy to handle. They are mobile, they are versatile, and you can easily change their location if you feel the current one isn't working. Unlike a permanent sign or an advertisement on a billboard, you have the ability to take your banners with you wherever you go.

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