LED Sign Repair

LED signs vastly outperform fluorescent and neon signs - and they resistance to cold temperatures, which is great for businesses in Bloomington, Peoria, and Champaign.  LEDs also consume much less power and require less maintenance. They can also be retrofitted to replace older fluorescent light fixtures and displays.

LED Sign Maintenance

All LED signs will eventually fail. The most common problems are power supplies, ribbon cables, and module failure.  Prairie Signs offers LED sign maintenance and sign repair - our quality maintenance program includes a full-service, in-house installation and service crew.

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“We've used Prairie Signs for the better part of a decade. From outdoor signage, indoor signage and design, these guys are top notch!!! They are the first people we go to when we have a sign project! They go above and beyond in all aspects of the process to make sure that what they give you, is exactly what you've asked for!”

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