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People call them all kinds of names: electronic message centers, digital displays, reader boards, digital signs, and electronic signs, just to name a few. At Prairie Signs, Inc., we keep it simple: We call them “outdoor LED signs” regardless of size or placement. And we want you to be comfortable knowing whether an LED sign is right for your business or organization. We proudly service Bloomington, Normal, Peoria, Champaign, Urbana, Decatur, Springfield, Pekin and surrounding areas of Central Illinois. To view our LED Digital-Electronic Message Units-Digital Displays gallery please click here.

It’s a winning combination of national chain stores to the private business owner. From auto dealers to hotels to quick service restaurant chains. From property owners to small main street business, our team works at all business levels to provide outdoor digital signage and custom content that is tailored to your brand.

Prairie Signs, Inc. LED signs provide flexible advertising to draw customers into the store where margins are highest.

Because our customers own the medium, messages can be changed, altered, and tailored to reach potential customers. Advertise a long term, short term, or promotional sale as needed.

Our LED products are breaking ground and leading the way in the outdoor LED sign industry. Your business, school or church can stand out too!

About Digital Billboards

Digital billboards provide a more effective medium for advertisers who want to reach their audience with timely and relevant marketing messages as well as increase revenue potential for those advertisers. Digital billboards display static content that typically changes every 10 seconds, depending on state and local regulations. Aside from the benefits to advertisers, law enforcement and community groups are also benefiting from the flexibility and power of digital outdoor.

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Prairie Signs, Inc. will provide an onsite demo LED Digital Message unit directly to your place of business. This allows our clients the opportunity to see how the message unit will look and perform right at their place of business. A “test drive”, free of charge, no cost to our potential clients! It also provides the opportunity for a Q & A session with regards to the product. Contact us today to schedule an onsite demo of a LED Digital Message unit.

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Serving Bloomington, Normal, Peoria, Champaign, Urbana, Decatur, Springfield, Pekin and surrounding areas of Illinois.