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As a provider of professional storefront signs in Champaign IL, we have experience working alongside some of the finest local businesses in the area. Our expertise is in exterior sign design, printing, and installation. We handle a range of projects that require an attention to detail. When you partner with us, we will match your brand with the sign's location and placement. While most of our services are for commercial business, storefront signs are available to other organizations and building spaces. Click the links below to learn more about our work.

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Best Buy at Marketing Place Shopping Center, Champaign ILChampaign-Urbana is a vibrant college town with a highly competitive marketplace. The restaurant and property management industries tend to propel the local economy and encourage growth. For businesses involved in these fields, there needs to be a reliable source for storefront signage solutions. Storefront signs are the most viable and impactful markers for local shops and offices. 

A professional partnership is key to the overall success of local companies in the area. Here are a few tips about our recommendations when it comes to crafting the proper storefront sign in Champaign IL. Take a look below.


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Storefront Presentation for Champaign Small Businesses

We have the team to carry out comprehensive storefront signage services. 

The importance of appearance and presentation in order to be inviting to patrons is nearly invaluable. For the sake of being easy to locate, every business in Champaign IL could use a unique signage solution. But how do you pick out the right material and type of sign?


Every Chamber of Commerce and property management company will have their own policies on erecting signs. These regulations are in place to protect the quality of viewership for all businesses in the Champaign IL area, so be sure to look over your lease contract and even read over municipal policies. Doing things by the book is the first step to ensure your storefront sign won't be missed!

For this part of the process, you are in luck! Prairie Signs always checks for necessary permits as part of our installation service.


The next step is considering the audience most likely to run across your storefront sign. Depending on the building in which you are located in Champaign IL, you might have more pedestrian and foot traffic than car traffic viewership. Conversely, it could be just the opposite, in which case you might need something like a highway/interstate sign. Clarity is always an important factor, and more often than not it is most appropriate to include your organization name along with incorporating the logo as effectively as possible. 


Take a quick look around your office space or building. What sort of storefront sign might match your brand personality, and how is your logo best represented? Putting your best foot forward with these decisions can go a long way in achieving a satisfying storefront sign. We think the best way to get ideas is having visuals. Here's our Portfolio with a variety of sign types.

Once you decide how to show off something like your logo, you will probably have a sense of whether or not you want to go digital and if you want the sign to be flat or incorporate some dimension.


It's all too easy to get stuck making final decisions with investments like storefront signage in Champaign IL. At the end of the day, we at Prairie Signs want to help you move your business forward. Sign solutions shouldn't hold up operations in your office but instead keep a steady workflow. When you feel stuck worrying about the outcome and final look of the sign or how it will stand up over time, consult with us. You can read below about our best practices and services when it comes to the care of your sign.

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“Prairie Signs was great to work with! They had great communication throughout the entire project and truly met our needs as well as our client's. They handled everything with urgency. Strongly recommend!”

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